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Hector Mantolino: Indictment Mantolino and Untruthful Statements

hector mantolino: The operator of Mantolino Property Services Ltd. was originally charged in June 2013 with 56 counts of immigration fraud following a Canada Border Services Agency investigation but those charges were rolled into a single indictment, according to CTV. Mantolino was accused by the federal Crown of advising 28 foreign workers to provide misleading and untruthful statements on their work permit applications between July 2010 and April 2013. Hector Mantolino pleaded guilty last December to misrepresentation under provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act which prohibit providing false or misleading information to the federal government. He was alleged to have counselled the workers to lie about their wages if they wanted to stay in Canada -- with some saying in court documents they had stated they would receive a Canadian wage but were paid as little as 3.13 per hour after various deductions. Blair Mac Donald, a federal investigator, was cross examined by defence counsel regarding corrections he made to a spreadsheet compiled by the border agency describing amounts workers were paid by Mantolino. Several Filipino temporary workers whom Mantolino allegedly underpaid were in Nova Scotia Supreme Court for the hearing on Monday. ( As reported in the news.