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Health Care: Cost and Pbo Projects

health care: The PBO projects that costs per migrant will rise to 16,666 in the fiscal year ending March 2020 because of longer wait times for migrants waiting to complete the entire asylum-claim process, which will mean the federal government will be responsible for their health care for longer, according to National Observer. Giroux warned that 340 million or more could become an annual cost if Canada doesn't see any decrease in the number of irregular asylum-seekers. Claimants accepted at their first hearings cost the federal government less; those who exhaust all legal avenues and are eventually removed from Canada cost more. Canada has experienced an influx of irregular migrants through the border with the United States since early 2017, shortly after the Trump administration took steps to end temporary protected status for tens of thousands of migrants living in the U.S. Since then, almost 35,000 asylum seekers have filed refugee claims at the Immigration and Refugee Board, Canada's arm's-length agency that deals with refugee claims and appeals.A quirk in Canada's laws means that if someone makes an asylum claim on Canadian soil, Canada has to evaluate it. Many claimants have avoided official border checkpoints where they would have been turned back to the U.S. under an agreement that defines the United States as a country where refugees can safely stay. The same claim made at an official crossing from the United States would be rejected on the spot. ( As reported in the news.