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Fruit Seller: Hindutva Leaders and Turkman Gate

fruit seller: Many residents said that the powerful loudspeakers used at the rally made it impossible for them to ignore the communally charged speeches made by the Hindutva leaders who addressed the crowds, according to Rabble. But they emphasised that they would not be provoked by such intimidation. On Sunday, though, the police had cordoned off the entire area and most residents chose to stay indoors to avoid possible confrontations with the Hindutva supporters who had come for the rally. The roots of evil forces are weak and we believe everything happens as per God's will, said Atiq Hussain, 78, a fruit seller near Turkman Gate in Old Delhi. The younger lot of Muslims is educated and these tactics of intimidation will no longer work on them. We believe in the Supreme Court and that it will ensure a peaceful resolution of the Babri Masjid dispute. ( As reported in the news.