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Front Page: Police Response

front page: They did so because no matter what the report into serious use of force incidents and lived experiences of Toronto's Black citizens found, the police response that would set the tone for the discussions that follow, according to Toronto Star. The Star's front page from March 31, 2005, revealing a secret 2003 meeting between police chief Julian Fantino and senior Black officers. But even as the commissioner was talking, many in the room were eyeing their phones waiting for the police response. Toronto Star The commission's review of Special Investigations Unit SIU director's reports includes the disturbing finding that between 2013 and 2017 seven of 10 people shot dead by police were Black. The SIU investigates all serious injuries, deaths and allegations of sexual assault involving police. And while Black people made up just 8.8 per cent of Toronto's population in 2016, they were involved in 25.4 per cent of SIU investigations and 36 per cent of police shootings over that same period. ( As reported in the news.