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Freedom Caucus: House and Capitol Hill

freedom caucus: Trump summoned the top House Republicans, along with the leaders of the far-right Freedom Caucus, to the White House midday Thursday and made clear he would sign no spending package that lacked at least 5 billion for border security, including his much-hyped border wall, according to Rabble. The President's pronouncement upended the agreed-to plan to keep the lights on through Feb. 8, when Democrats will have control of the House. There were very real doubts it could find sufficient support in either the House or the Senate.A shutdown, in other words, seemed certain. With less than 35 hours until a partial government shutdown, the President's demands set into motion a scramble on Capitol Hill, where members of Congress are eager to leave Washington for the holidays. McConnell told colleagues mid-Thursday afternoon that they should expect votes around noon on Friday if the House cobbles together votes for a spending bill. Officials in the Senate, which passed late Wednesday their part of a spending bill minus wall funding estimated a full half of the lawmakers had already left Washington. ( As reported in the news.