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Development Efforts: Rohingya People and World Rae

development efforts: In the latter half of 2017, violence in the southeastern Asian country of Myanmar targeted the Rohingya people, forcing more than half a million people to flee and triggering what has been described as the fastest growing humanitarian crises in the world, according to Rabble. Rae's report, in March of 2018, underscored the grim reality of the crisis and recommended Canada take a leadership role by stepping up humanitarian and development efforts. In October 2017, the prime minister asked former Ontario premier Bob Rae to study the humanitarian crisis facing Myanmar's Rohingya, with a view to advising the government as to what Canada should do about it. The former premier proposed the government commit 600 million over four years to a variety of measures, including the necessary work on accountability and the gathering of evidence. Recognition of genocide, but no effort to pursue civilian leaders As the year comes to an end, a group that includes human rights institutes at the University of Ottawa and Concordia University, and the Rohingya Human Rights Network, which brings together experts and advocates throughout the country, has evaluated and graded the government's actions, or lack thereof, subsequent to Rae's mission. In other words, a key part of Canada's role should be to identify those responsible for the crisis and find ways to hold them to account. ( As reported in the news.