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Couple Claims: Kim and Ctv

couple claims: Honestly, it feels like we're living our worst nightmare right now, Kim told CTV News Friday, according to CTV. The fact that we are being accused right now of an unethical adoption is crazy. Kim and Clark Moran received a letter this week from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada informing them that the federal department has concerns about two-year-old Ayo, whom the couple claims they adopted from an orphanage in Nigeria and gained custody of in August. CTV News has learned that a third party has come forward with an allegation that Ayo's adoption came from a private residence and not an orphanage. Kim would not share a copy of the letter with CTV. In a statement, IRCC did not reveal any details regarding the Ayo's paperwork, but said the Government of Canada has obligations under international conventions to ensure children are not abducted, bought or sold, or removed from their biological families without legal consent. It does say that in the letter, Kim confirmed, adding that I have no idea where that information came from because both Clark and I were there in the office with all of the workers from the orphanage. ( As reported in the news.