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Christmas Collaboration: Health Charity and Saver-Return Pilgrimage

christmas collaboration: I'm half-tempted, as I write, to go on a saver-return pilgrimage through Rugby and Crewe and Penrith to find the bit that says Remember, George no man is a failure who has friends, according to Rabble. The project is a Christmas collaboration between the mental health charity Rethink and Virgin Trains. The lines from Frank Capra's film five miles of them in total run along the yellow line at the edge of platforms, temporarily replacing Mind the Gap with some of the movie's indelible messages about human connection. It aims to act as a reminder, amid the festive busyness, that for people struggling with loneliness and depression this time of year can be the toughest of all and of the effect that small acts of kindness can have in keeping the most vulnerable away from the edge. One of the reasons It's a Wonderful Life was chosen as the nation's favourite Christmas film pipping Elf and The Muppet Christmas Carol in a Radio Times poll last week was that it continues to do what the best films always do give those of us who are watching in the dark perspectives by which to understand our lives. The project also, perhaps, offers a quiet, unspooling answer to the questions that currently nag at our fractured national psyche how will we ever bring our country back together What are the values that we might unite around It seems a lot to ask of a 72-year-old movie, but the message at the platform's edge, stretching along the spine of the country, might be seen as a timely metaphor. ( As reported in the news.