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Chinese Government: Sister and Official Newspaper

chinese government: Their grins were tight-lipped, mirthless, according to Vancouver Courier. Her sister had posted the picture on a social media account along with a caption punctuated by a smiley-face.article continues below Trending Stories Look, I have a Han Chinese mother now! his sister wrote. One was his 39-year-old sister; standing at her side was an elderly woman Idris did not know. Idris knew instantly The old woman was a spy, sent by the Chinese government to infiltrate his family. According to the ruling Communist Party's official newspaper, as of the end of September, 1.1 million local government workers have been deployed to ethnic minorities' living rooms, dining areas and Muslim prayer spaces, not to mention at weddings, funerals and other occasions once considered intimate and private. There are many like her. ( As reported in the news.