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Border: Asylum Claims

border: A family, claiming to be from Colombia, is arrested by RCMP officers as they cross the border into Canada from the United States as asylum seekers on April 18, 2018 near Champlain, N.Y. Paul Chiasson / THE CANADIAN PRESS The increased costs are largely driven by longer wait times for migrants to have their asylum claims resolved, the PBO said, according to Toronto Star. The longer an asylum claim takes, the longer asylum claimants depend on federal and provincial assistance. An analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Office PBO released Thursday projected the cost associated with irregular migration people crossing the Canada-U.S. border outside border checkpoints is projected to rise over the coming years. Our estimates suggest the Liberal government has not budgeted enough, which will result in an increased backlog at the Immigration and Refugee Board the funding falls short significantly, said newly-appointed Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux. Article Continued Below The PBO estimated the per migrant cost to the immigration and health-care systems while an asylum waits potentially for years for their claim to be processed at 14,321. Increasing the backlog means individuals have to stay in limbo for a number of years The longer they are in limbo, the longer they are benefitting from the interim federal health program, and that drives up the cost. ( As reported in the news.