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Andrew Scheer: Scheer and George h.w

andrew scheer: Scheer was born in 1979, according to Rabble. By my calculation that takes him half-way through his second year on the planet when Ronald Reagan, with Bush as his running mate, clobbered Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential election, nine when he succeeded the Gipper as chief occupant of the Oval Office, and 13 when he bobbled it away to Bill Clinton. Ernest Doroszuk/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Kelly McParland December 12, 20182 45 PM ESTLast Updated December 13, 20182 42 PM ESTFiled under Full Share this story Kelly McParland Here's why Andrew Scheer playing tough guy just won't work Tumblr Pinterest Google Linked InI doubt Andrew Scheer is old enough to have much first-hand memory of George H.W. Bush, whose death produced a surprising outpouring of U.S. national emotion. Thirteen is pretty young to be up to speed on presidential politics, but Scheer has enough of the geek about him to suggest he may have had some awareness of what was going on south of the border. The great regard reflected in the ceremonies surrounding his passing grew up mainly after he left office, when he carried himself with considerable dignity even as the position he'd held slid precariously into a cesspool of muck and ineptitude. function pn Load Video videos cquoyfV9CGU pn video 572332 ; ;As Americans recalled it last week, Bush was a solid, honest and respectable figure whose record shone in stark contrast to the bungled wars, sex scandals and personal buffoonery that has followed since. If so, he'd know Bush was never much more than an appendage during Reagan's presidency, and struggled to solidify an identity for himself even during his own four years in the top job. ( As reported in the news.