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American Families: u.s.-Mexico Border

american families: By the end of the two-hour drive, she had stopped breathing, according to CTV. Jakelin hadn't had anything to eat or drink for days, her father later told U.S. officials. Some seven hours later, she was put on a bus to the nearest Border Patrol station but soon began vomiting. The death of the Guatemalan girl is the latest demonstration of the desperation of a growing number of Central American families and children showing up at the U.S.-Mexico border, often hoping to claim asylum, and it raises new questions about how well authorities are prepared. Authorities said her father spoke in Spanish to Border agents and signed a form indicating she was in good health, though a Guatemalan official said late Friday that the family's native language was a Mayan dialect. Customs and Border Protection said Friday that the girl initially appeared healthy and that an interview raised no signs of trouble. ( As reported in the news.