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York Yankees: Cent and Barry Bonds

york yankees: Steroids-tainted stars Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds each appear on the ballot for the seventh time, according to CTV. Clemens rose to 57.3 per cent in the 2018 ballot but fell 75 votes short of the 75 per cent needed, and Bonds was 79 votes shy at 56.4 per cent. Left-hander Andy Pettitte and infielders Todd Helton, Michael Young and Miguel Tejada also are among the newcomers on the ballot announced Monday. Martinez was 20 votes short at 70.4 per cent, Mike Mussina at 63.5 per cent and Curt Schilling at 51.2 per cent. He was 8-1 with a 0.70 ERA in 32 post-season series. Rivera had 652 regular-season saves and 42 in the post-season during 19 seasons with the New York Yankees that included five World Series titles. ( As reported in the news.