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Web Development: Technology Workers and Boot Camps

web development: There will likely be a demand for 182,000 information and technology workers in Canada by 2019, which is why some believe coding should be introduced as early as grade school, according to NOW Magazine. Whether at a post-secondary institution or through independent workshops, these are some of the top places around Toronto where you can pick up this vital skill. According to ICTC Digital Talent's Road To 2020 And Beyond report, web development is one of the fastest-growing careers. Independent workshops If you work full-time or are already a student, intensive boot camps or quick classes could fit into your schedule and help you pick up coding essentials. Besides diving deep into various coding languages HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, RWD, React, Gulp and Git, participants also learn personal branding and public speaking skills. Hacker You An intensive crash course, Hacker You at Queen and Spadina is a nine-week, eight-hour-a day boot camp. ( As reported in the news.