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Water-Cooler Conversations: Hasan Minhaj and Minute Segments

water-cooler conversations: The Indian-American comedian, who rose to prominence as a correspondent on The Daily Show, tackles politics and culture in ways that suits both his progressive point of view and Netflix's format, according to NOW Magazine. Minhaj doesn't just cycle through the latest breaking news and water-cooler conversations. Rating NNNPatriot Act is not your typical talk show and that's not just because Hasan Minhaj is not your typical host. Instead, he picks a timely topic and deep dives in 20-minute segments that scour history and stats, giving you just enough background before he works his way toward what should be done going forward. The format gives Netflix a show that is both current for audiences hoping to brush up on recent news and then discuss it with some authority and evergreen. He jokingly refers to the format as a woke TED talk, which is more accurate than anything I could come up with. ( As reported in the news.