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Wang B: Benefits and Canadian Citizenship

wang b: The number of blessings and benefits which this wonderful country bestow on us, which are too numerous to list in this letter, are not free, according to Toronto Star. They are paid for by Canadians by way of taxes and services rendered. As an immigrant and naturalized Canadian citizen, I have my own personal perspective on the benefits and obligations of Canadian citizenship. Therefore, the privilege of entitlement to the generous benefits of this country should be determined by what we do for her, and not simply by an accident of birth. Why wait This phenomenon requires action now to make it clear to those looking to exploit this citizenship loophole that we will not tolerate it. Wang B. Chow, Toronto Article Continued Below Even though this increased estimation is still probably an under estimation, researcher Andrew Griffith of the Institute for Research on Public Policy believes it is not out of control and at the moment requires monitoring only. ( As reported in the news.