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Wage Increases: Street Vending and Effect June

wage increases: If someone complains, the police, they could come in and take everything from us, according to Vancouver Courier. Make us throw all our stuff away and we lose all our money for that day. There, in the ornate City Council Chambers, he and more than 200 other sidewalk vendors micro-entrepreneurs as Councilman Curren Price Jr. calls them rose up to cheer, embrace one another and shout in Spanish, we won, we won, as the council voted 13-0 to legalize street vending in the nation's second-largest city.article continues below Trending Stories Minimum wage increases go into effect June 1 across B.C. Vancouver Santa Claus Parade All the road closures you need to know Otter slips away as Vancouver Chinese garden re-opens Taiwanese large fried chicken spot 'Hot Star' is opening in Metro Vancouver For us, it's very important, Garcia said of the LA street vendors whose numbers have been estimated as high as 50,000. In recent years, police have often looked the other way, he said, but he has been hassled more than once in the past when somebody complained that he stakes out space to sell chips, candy, drinks and other items in a park near a dam built in 1940 to prevent flooding in the San Fernando Valley. The city must still implement a system for issuing permits to vendors and to figure out how much to charge for them. Passage of the ordinance takes away that risk but marks just the beginning of a new day for street vendors. ( As reported in the news.