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Victims: Civil-Society Representatives and Body

victims: It's a morality play, according to Vancouver Courier. The bad guys have to pay to help their victims. The proposal will be one of the main recommendations of the World Refugee Council, a self-appointed body of two dozen global political figures, academics and civil-society representatives led by former Canadian foreign minister Lloyd Axworthy.article continues below Trending Stories Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history Greater Vancouver home prices to drop 21 per cent by 2019 analysis Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant to close in September Judges call for stiffer sentences for fentanyl dealers We've put forward a proposition that where there are frozen assets they should be unfrozen through a proper legal process and reallocated to help the victims of the crime and corruption and instability that the bad guys create, said Axworthy. The World Bank estimates the pool of cash to be worth 10 billion to 20 billion per year, Axworthy said in an interview. The United Nations will turn its attention to solving the problem at a special session later this fall, and the council plans to offer its input, using the weight of the last Canadian foreign minister to chair a Security Council meeting. The council was established last year by a Canadian think-tank, the Centre for International Governance Innovation, to find new ways to deal with the 21st century's record-setting migration crisis the 68.5 million displaced people driven from their homes by war, famine and disaster. ( As reported in the news.