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Ucp Member: Party Officials and Screening Applicants

ucp member: Kenney said he has ordered party officials to cancel Strashok's membership, according to National Observer. He added that he recently asked the board of the UCP to develop a process for screening applicants for membership to block those who have expressed hateful or extreme views. I am shocked and disturbed by reports of hateful and extreme online activity by a UCP member named Adam Strashok, Kenney said in a statement on Twitter Tuesday. ; Neither I nor anyone on my staff was aware of the extreme views of the individual in question. Strashok, who ran the call centre for a time in 2017 during Kenney's United Conservative leadership bid, could not be immediately reached for comment. It's the latest in a series of UCP supporters voicing or associating with those expressing hateful and intolerant views. Kenney was responding to a story in Ricochet Media that investigated ties from members of the Canadian Armed Forces to an online store glorifying the era of white rule in Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe. ( As reported in the news.