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Stories Taiwanese: Shore Raccoon and Agime Sogojeva

stories taiwanese: Each day, scores of women gather around Agime Sogojeva, a spiritual teacher known as a mualime, in the Haxhi Veseli mosque in Kosovo's northern town of Mitrovica, according to Vancouver Courier. They discuss the Qur'an, their rights as women and daily practices, in a scene unthinkable as little as a decade ago.article continues below Trending Stories Taiwanese large fried chicken spot 'Hot Star' is opening in Metro Vancouver'Bella Dolls' sex doll brothel has opened in Vancouver'Keep up those snow dances' Snowfall recorded on Vancouver's North Shore mountains'Extremely cruel' Raccoon trapped, left to drown in garbage bin in Metro Vancouver Sogojeva is one of some 100 female theologians aiming to revive Muslim traditions in Europe's newest country. But in Kosovo, an old Ottoman-era tradition is bucking that trend, with religious authorities seeking to establish the training of women as spiritual teachers in mosques. They teach at three Muslim high schools, at Muslim centres, or they work voluntarily. Although in much of the Muslim world women teach other women, it is more common for that to occur at home or in event halls rather than in the mosques themselves. The move to establish the religious training of women in mosques where women are allocated places in a separate room from the men is seen by some as a way to make Kosovo's approach to Islam more gender-balanced at a time when many in the West view Islam as oppressive toward women. ( As reported in the news.