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Sex Slaves: Family Members and Yazidi Villages

sex slaves: Adiba, 27, fled her home in northern Iraq's Sinjar district after Islamic State militants massacred Yazidi villages, capturing women as sex slaves, and says some of her family members were among the estimated 10,000 Yazidis killed in the genocide, according to National Observer. Her parents and her brother are still living in a camp in Iraqi Kurdistan and she did not use her last name out of fear for their safety. She's urging the government to help them navigate their new world and to allow their family members to join them in Canada. ; The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has persecuted Yazidis, a minority religious sect mostly in northern Iraq. She says she was living in a refugee camp when she learned the Canadian government would sponsor Yazidi women to move to Canada. We were dropped off at the Radisson Hotel, staying in the lobby, hungry, thirsty ... no language to even buy water, she said in an interview through an interpreter. As one of the first of the group to arrive, she spent her first few nights scared and alone in a hotel in Toronto until a non-profit organization offered to help. ( As reported in the news.