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Services: Ontario and Groups

services: Ontario was held up as a model for other minority linguistic groups in Canada with its French Language Services Act, an office of francophone affairs and a French language services commissioner to ensure rights are respected a position Chambers would like to see in Quebec, according to Vancouver Courier. But last week Ontario announced it was scrapping the office of the French language services commissioner and cancelling a French-language university planned to open in Toronto in 2020. The head of the Quebec Community Groups Network, which represents more than 50 anglophone groups across the province, said the Ontario moves are a step backwards after years of gains.article continues below Trending Stories'Bella Dolls' sex doll brothel has opened in Vancouver Vancouver can't get enough of otter on the loose in Chinatown garden Minimum wage increases go into effect June 1 across B.C.VPD officer assaulted during routine traffic stop on Granville Strip VIDEO Geoffrey Chambers, the network president, said the trend for linguistic minorities in Canada had been to establish new and better services just last year a francophone advisory council was put in place in Alberta, and we got our secretariat in Quebec . The trend line had been good for quite a long time. Meanwhile in New Brunswick, Canada's only officially bilingual province, language tensions have been fuelled by election results that left the balance of power with a party that questions bilingualism. In Quebec, lawmakers like to describe the province's anglophones as among the best-treated minorities on the continent, but Chambers said the notion his community receives special treatment misinterprets the history of its hospitals and universities. Now the trend seems to have reversed a bit, and that's worrying, Chambers said. ( As reported in the news.