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Richard Florida: Toronto Region

richard florida: We are a powerful global city with lots of assets to build on, says Richard Florida, who spoke Wednesday at the Urban Land Institute Toronto's symposium on Toronto urbanism, according to Toronto Star. Lorne Bridgman He went on to say the toughest issue the municipality is grappling with is the sheer size the city and the Greater Toronto region and the area needs to see itself as united in order to tackle these challenges. Speaking Wednesday at Urban Land Institute Toronto's symposium on Toronto urbanism, Florida, one of the world's leading urban thinkers and a professor at the University of Toronto's school of cities and Rotman School of Management, said Toronto is an incredible city but one that faces significant challenges including housing affordability, a worsening class divide and woeful traffic congestion. Once you pass the mark of 5 or 6 million people as a metropolitan region, up to that point you can grow by urban sprawl, but somewhere you hit a wall and you can no longer grow or scale in the same traditional way, he told the audience at Evergreen Brick Works, which included urban planners, architects and builders. Article Continued Below We're going to have to make similar decisions now, and those decisions will make or break us, he said. He referred to Greater New York, which has a population of almost 25 million and made significant investments many decades ago, including on subways and rail connections. ( As reported in the news.