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Policy Irpp: Richmond Hospital

policy irpp: The Richmond Hospital has the highest number of so-called anchor babies in the country, according to a new study, according to Toronto Star. More than one in five babies born in the hospital could be born to non-resident mothers who travel to Canada to give birth and ensure their children have Canadian citizenship, according to the study in Policy Options magazine. The study, authored by the Institute for Research on Public Policy IRPP and published Thursday in Policy Options magazine, suggests 21.9 per cent of the children delivered in Richmond Hospital are born to non-resident mothers more than double the percentage born in any other Canadian hospital. Jesse Winter / Star Metro The IRPP study also shows the number of such children born in Canada is far higher than previously estimated. The data shows the number of births to non-resident mothers including all provinces but Quebec, which refused to release the data skyrocketed to 3,628 last year from just 1,354 in 2010. While a Statistics Canada report found roughly 312 babies are born in the country each year to mothers whose place of residence is officially listed as outside of Canada, IRPP's study put that number at closer to 1,500 or 2,000 children annually. ( As reported in the news.