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Pittsburgh Synagogue: German Jews and Ms St

pittsburgh synagogue: Louis ocean liner, which resulted in more than 250 of them dying at the hands of the Nazis, according to CTV. The apology has been months in the making and was scheduled before a gunman killed 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue -- the deadliest attack on Jews in American history. Trudeau is to apologize next week for a 1939 decision to reject an asylum request from more than 900 German Jews aboard the MS St. The shooting has sparked countrywide vigils and forced a re-examination of the prime minister's plans. Steve McDonald, the director of policy with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, said his group hopes the apology will spur wider talk about how to address anti-Semitism regardless of our background. Trudeau's office says the text of the apology will be changed to reflect the Pittsburgh killings. ( As reported in the news.