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Phrase Axis: Islamophobic Rhetoric and St Century

phrase axis: You know there is something to worry about when the architect of the Islamophobic rhetoric that drummed up support for two of the 21st century's most egregious and unending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is the guy who is supposed to defend the interests of democracy against a guy who thinks that racists and xenophobes should wear those labels as a badge of honour, according to NOW Magazine. Munk Debates organizer and moderator Rudyard Griffiths championed the discussion as a public service in the defense of free speech. The event, labelled as a debate between populism and liberalism, provided a platform for Bannon's white supremacist extremism opposed only by former Bush speechwriter David Frum, the man who coined the phrase axis of evil. We can now safely conclude that he was not advocating for freedom of speech for anyone that disagreed with the premise of the debate namely, the thousands who signed petitions calling for cancellation of the event, the hundreds of academics who asked organizers to bring a wider spectrum of opinions to the table, or the protestor inside who unfurled a No Hate. No Place for Bannon's White Supremacy banner from the balcony and then was promptly removed by police. No Bigotry. ( As reported in the news.