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Norman Snowshoe and Mcpherson

fort: On the eve of the U.S. midterm elections earlier this week, Norman Snowshoe of Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, a Gwich'in community north of the Arctic Circle, posted the following on Facebook I'm Canadian, according to Rabble. Why am I so interested in U.S. politics Oh yeah, the fate of Porcupine Caribou lies in the hands of the biggest idiot to ever hit the planet!! Fort McPherson lies on the east bank of the lower Peel River, just east of the N.W.T.-Yukon border. And Norman Snowshoe of Fort McPherson dreads what could be coming. At an equivalent degree of latitude in eastern Canada it would be on tree-less tundra. There are two stores in the town of fewer than a 1,000 people, where you can buy high-priced canned and packaged goods and freezer-burnt fruit and vegetables. In McPherson, however, you look out to dense forests of spruce, pine, willow and birch. ( As reported in the news.