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Neapolitan Novels: Ludovica Nasti and Elena Ferrante

neapolitan novels: The story of a febrile and rivalrous friendship between two girls in a working-class Italian neighbourhood in the 1950s, it is as intimate as Thrones is sweeping, according to Toronto Star. Ludovica Nasti and Elisa Del Genio in HBO's My Brilliant Friend. Game of Thrones required condensing a vast narrative, visualizing wonders like dragons' flight and creating a world that spanned continents.HBO's new series My Brilliant Friend, based on the wildly popular Neapolitan novels of Elena Ferrante, is a different but no smaller challenge. EDUARDO CASTALDO / HBO The first season, which begins Sunday, is set largely in a single cluster of apartments. It enfolds warring families and shifting alliances, but in a setting where everyone is packed close and prying eyes and whispers are inescapable. Its drama, though punctuated by violence, is interior and inwardly focused. ( As reported in the news.