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Minority: Minority Rights and Caroline Mulroney

minority: Throughout his career, former prime minister Brian Mulroney showed great political courage in defending minority rights, writes Andr Pratte, according to Toronto Star. Keith Beaty / toronto star file photo This incident is particularly sad when you consider that these decisions were justified by Ontario's attorney general, Caroline Mulroney, daughter of Canada's 18th prime minister, a man who, throughout his career, showed great political courage in defending minority rights. Not only will eliminating the position of the French Language Services Commissioner and killing the project of a French language university in Toronto have little impact on the provincial government's balance sheet; they demonstrate a profound indifference, if not worse, toward the French minority's rights and needs. Unfortunately, neither Ms. It was 35 years ago. Mulroney nor Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, have shown anything resembling that kind of courage. ( As reported in the news.