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Library Service: Bedtime Stories and Dial-a-Story Program

library service: So his mother calls the Dial-A-Story program, a Toronto Public Library service that lets kids and their families call in to listen to a bedtime story at any time of day, free, according to Toronto Star. Andrew Do says learning English as child was made easier through the Dial-a-Story program, a free initiative offered by the Toronto Public Library. He's the son of two refugees from Vietnam, neither of whom speak the language. Moe Doiron photo She would hold the phone, dial the hotline every night, give me the phone and I would sit at the edge of her bed, Andrew Do, now 29, tells the Star. This was her way to read bedtime stories to me. She couldn't really read bedtime stories to me in English and she wanted me to learn English to succeed in school. ( As reported in the news.