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Leslie Smith: Audience Members and Media Posts

leslie smith: Author and activist Harry Leslie Smith, seen here at his Belleville, Ont., apartment in August, spent the final years of his life travelling the globe to bring attention to the worldwide refugee crisis, according to Toronto Star. Paul Hunter / Toronto Star Smith, who split his time between England and Canada, was well into his 80s when he first rose in the public eye through his progressive writing, speaking engagements, social media posts and podcast, in which he railed against the likes of Donald Trump and championed social welfare and compassion.A crusader against poverty and for public health care, he notably earning fame in a speech at the 2014 British Labour Party conference that drew on his poor childhood and left audience members in tears. The 95-year-old had been receiving treatment in an intensive care unit in Belleville, Ont., after his family said he suffered a fall. In his youth, he said, doctors, hospitals and medicine were for the privileged few ... common disease controlled our neighbourhood and snuffed out life like a cold breath on a warm candle's flame. Wednesday, later adding Never forget that my dad, Harry Leslie Smith died in the warm and caring arms of public health care. Article Continued Below Using his Twitter account, which had more than 250,000 follows, Smith's son John tweeted the news of his father's death at 3 39 a.m. ( As reported in the news.