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Kashruth Council: Brogna and Cooking Equipment

kashruth council: As the head mashgiach Hebrew for supervisor of the Kashruth Council of Canada, Brogna's job is to supervise the kosher status of restaurants and catering venues to ensure the food and cooking equipment is up to the standards of Kashrut, or Jewish dietary laws, according to Toronto Star. Rabbi Mendel Brogna is the COR Senior Mashgiach. There's no punchline, it's literally part of Rabbi Mendel Brogna's job. Brogna shows off his torch he uses when he makes kosher large ovens or large appliances. Brogna was on scene at Prime on Avenue Steakhouse for an interview. They need to be heated to a certain degree, or if not possible, boiling water is poured on the appliance. ( As reported in the news.