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July Kwan: Justin Tang and Tax Agency

july kwan: Jenny Kwan prepares for an emergency meeting of the Citizenship and Immigration Committee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, July 16, according to Toronto Star. Kwan is accusing the Canada Revenue Agency of going after refugees after two Syrian refugee families in B.C. became the target of audits of their Canada Child Benefit income. The private group that sponsored both families has raised concern about the way the tax agency dealt with these refugees, which led to one family having its benefits halted and a government demand that they repay money they'd already received. Justin Tang / THE CANADIAN PRESS Leona Etmanski of the refugee support committee at St. Canada Revenue Agency CRA officials told them to provide a letter from their children's school verifying the children were enrolled, but one of the families was asked for this information when school officials were off work for the summer. Philip's Anglican Church in Victoria, B.C., says the refugees were asked to prove their children were still living and attending school in Canada, but the documentation they had to produce was difficult for them to gather. ( As reported in the news.