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John Smith: Smith and Wednesday Morning

john smith: I think that means we better grab hold of that message and run with it, or else we are in for as much trouble as Europe was in the 1930s, said Smith, vowing to take on the mantle of his father's fight for justice, according to CTV. He wanted the generations that followed him to actually build societies that actually care about all of their citizens... That's what I think he wanted his legacy to be. John Smith said he feared that with his father's death on Wednesday, the living history he embodied is on the verge of extinction, putting us at risk of perpetuating the cycle of calamity that has plagued societies past and present. The 95-year-old Smith died early Wednesday morning in hospital in Belleville, Ont., said his son, who had been issuing regular medical updates to his father's 250,000 Twitter followers. I think he has at least planted the seed in many people's hearts that we have to change the way we're going, John Smith said in a phone interview Wednesday from Belleville. The younger Smith said his father was admitted to hospital there last week for pneumonia after contracting an infection and suffering a fall. ( As reported in the news.