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Historica Canada: World Wars and Per-Cent Spike

historica canada: She says it's important people understand that thousands of Indigenous people fought in the two world wars but, when they returned home, they were not treated like their non-Indigenous comrades, according to Vancouver Courier. POLL FINDS BUMP IN REMEMBRANCE DAY INTERESTA new survey suggests Canadians of all generations are more likely to honour military veterans by attending a Remembrance Day ceremony this year. It was started in 1993 in Winnipeg when organizer and Indigenous veteran Randi Gage says they faced racism and resistance. A poll commissioned by Historica Canada found a 10-per-cent spike in the number of respondents who planned to take part in a ceremony in 2018 compared to 2017. CANADA NOT FACING ASYLUM- UNHCRNeither Canada nor the U.S. is experiencing a crisis in asylum claims, says the United Nations' assistant high commissioner for refugees. The online poll, conducted by Ipsos, found plans were relatively consistent across demographics but millennial respondents expressed the most consistent enthusiasm for attending Remembrance Day events. ( As reported in the news.