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Goodale: Cbsa and Asylum Seekers

goodale: This would mean an increase of 35 per cent from what's been normal over the last two years. ; Goodale said Wednesday that the CBSA has been given 7.46 million more to ensure that all asylum seekers who have exhausted their legal avenues of appeal are removed from the country, according to National Observer. We've indicated that we have to pick up the pace in terms of that activity. The CBSA has set a new target of completing 10,000 removals by the end of the 2018-19 fiscal year in March. We've provided some extra resources for CBSA to do the work that's necessary, Goodale said. When a person has been found to be ineligible to be in Canada and they have exhausted all avenues of appeal then they become subject to removal and CBSA is obliged to remove people as rapidly as possible when they fall into that situation and they do that job quite literally every day. The law is clear. ( As reported in the news.