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Francophone Minority and Ontario

ford: In Thursday's fiscal update, Ontario's Tory government put plans for a long-promised French-language university on the chopping block, in the process reversing Ford's campaign commitment to the Franco-Ontarian community, according to Toronto Star. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer faces some unpleasant political choices after Premier Doug Ford targeted Ontario's francophone minority for budget cuts, Chantal H bert writes. By putting Ontario's francophone minority on his fiscal hit list this week, Premier Doug Ford has placed his federal ally Andrew Scheer in harm's way. Darren Calabrese / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO The post of French-language services commissioner an independent office that oversees the delivery of government services to the Franco-Ontarian minority is also to be abolished. Instead, Ford delegated that responsibility to Attorney General Caroline Mulroney. That comes on the heels of the premier's decision to dispense with a minister responsible for francophone affairs at the time of his cabinet's swearing-in. ( As reported in the news.