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Ford City: Ford and Ontario Schools

ford city: Her mother's grandparents were married at a church in Ford City just two years after thousands rioted on Sept. 8, 1917 to protest the arrival of a priest who they believe was supportive of Regulation 17, newly-imposed controversial rules in Ontario schools aimed at curbing French, according to National Observer. One thing is certain, though, sarahdorner defiantly tells toulastake, more than three hundred years of French in Ontario isn't going to end with Doug Ford. She's a descendant of the original French settlers of Detroit-Windsor. My grandfather's parents were married by that very priest, Father Fran ois-Xavier Laurendeau inthe Ford City church just two years after the riots, says Dorner. Regulation 17, which was enforced from 1912 to 1927, was a shameful chapter in the province's history that banned elementary schools from using French as a language of instruction beyond grade two. The community asked the Vatican to remove him, but the response was that they would be excommunicated if they didn't comply and accept him. ( As reported in the news.