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Fatalistic Outlook: Kawhi Leonard and Things Aren

fatalistic outlook: Kawhi Leonard was in the middle of two costly plays down the stretch for the Raptors this past week, according to Toronto Star. Tim Bradbury / GETTY IMAGES It has arrived. It was a new team still trying to figure it all out, trying to acclimate two new key starters into the system with a new coach calling the shots, and there was going to be an inevitable slide and a regression to the mean. Things aren't nearly as good or smooth as they were, and the players are taking a fatalistic outlook. I think that we get a little stagnant at times late in games, but that just comes from us being new to each other figuring it out and learning. We're not executing as much as we'd like to, obviously, said Danny Green, one of those vital newcomers being thrown into the mix. ( As reported in the news.