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Elections: Trump Country and State Elections

elections: Without the excitement of a presidential campaign, midterm elections are usually sleepy affairs where the incumbents regularly win, according to Rabble. For example, brothel owner Dennis Hof was elected to Nevada District 36 Assembly on Tuesday, despite the fact he died on October 16. So why are the U.S. Democrats so happy In such a huge election -- involving 46 state elections as well as the federal House of Representatives and one-third of the federal Senate -- it's hard to get the big picture. In Trump Country, 70 per cent of the voters decided they would rather vote for a dead pimp than a live Democrat. Rather, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they organized locally within their own party and won at the party primary level, with unexpected challenges to unwary incumbents. So calcified are midterms that many of the new Democratic stars had no opponent from the other party in the actual election. ( As reported in the news.