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Donald Trump: Americans Head and Polls Tuesday

donald trump: Until women have at least 50 per cent of the power in this nation, we will not be treated as equals, according to National Observer. As I've told others, 'Living good quietly is no longer enough'. As Americans head to the polls Tuesday for congressional and state elections at the midpoint of Trump's first term as president, there are women at the other end of the spectrum, too and they are also poised to play a key role, even if they might not be as willing to talk about it. The Colorado university professor has always voted, but the jarring sight of Donald Trump in the White House in 2016 forced her to confront what she called a difficult reality the United States was not the country she thought it was, and she was determined to change it. ; It is not an understatement that I was devastated that on average, the country I love continues to view women as second-class citizens, Rennison said in an email as she described her transformation into a political activist donating to Democrats, canvassing for candidates and encouraging women to run for office. I really appreciate what Trump has done. For Barbara I'm not going to tell you my last name, she insisted the president's hardline rhetoric on immigration absolves him of a multitude of sins, including some of his most jarring remarks about women. He is so different; he really doesn't come into a box, Barbara, a 72-year-old born-and-raised Virginia mother who supported the president in 2016, said Monday as she paused outside a suburban Richmond shopping plaza. ( As reported in the news.