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Contact Information: Followers and Lawn Signs

contact information: And by collecting contact information via Nation Builder software, Ontario Proud is developing its capacity to mobilize in numerous other ways, according to Rabble. There are now 414,804 people that follow the Ontario Proud Facebook page. It also produces lawn signs, hands out leaflets, makes robocalls, sends text messages, and helps get out the vote. There is also Alberta Proud with 146,659 Facebook followers BC Proud with 73,601 followers Saskatchewan Proud with 23,905 followers and New Brunswick Proud with 7,143 followers . The Proud movement will be taking aim at the Liberals in the upcoming October 2019 federal election, but could also challenge the NDP -- as it did in Ontario in the last provincial election -- should they begin to rebound in opinion polls. We're fighting for affordable government, holding our politicians accountable and working to defeat failed leaders like Justin Trudeau. What is Ontario Proud Ontario Proud describes itself as a people powered organization that stands up for working Ontarians. ( As reported in the news.