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Confidence Vote: Nothing and Speech

confidence vote: Nothing is inevitable, the government says in the speech, read by Lt.-Gov, according to National Observer. Jocelyne Roy Vienneau. The speech, delivered Tuesday afternoon, promised a balanced budget by March 2020 or sooner and suggested a page has been turned in the province. ; Sometimes we can hear our challenges repeated so often that we accept them as inevitable. Nothing says small towns must grow smaller, nothing says children will struggle to learn, that young people will leave, that hospitals will close, and nothing says our population will decline, she read. The Tories were sworn-in two weeks ago, after defeating a Liberal minority government on the confidence vote on their throne speech with the support of the three-member People's Alliance party. The speech sets out five main themes finances, energizing the private sector, health care, education and helping the poor. ( As reported in the news.