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Children: Village School and Eritrean Family

children: The clip has since garnered nearly 2 million views and been shared thousands of times on Twitter, often with accompanying hashtags and messages welcoming refugees in general and the children in particular, according to Vancouver Courier. Davies, who helped sponsor the Eritrean family through the private Ripple Refugee Project, says the video's reception gives her hope. Rebecca Davies shot the video on Saturday, 48 hours after the children shown in it arrived in Canada with their mother and two siblings as privately sponsored refugees.article continues below Trending Stories West End residents rally against rezoning Developing Story International Village school passes another test Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's historyB.C. study sheds light on opioid victims in effort to create better interventions In the video, the seven-year-old girl and five-year-old boy twirl, dance and revel in the snow shower in the backyard of Davies' Toronto-area home. She says she encounters racism and anti-immigrant sentiment in her work on behalf of refugees, but says the positive responses to the clip have left her feeling more confident about the society the family is eager to join. Davies said the Eritrean family landed in Toronto on Thursday, bringing an end to a lengthy saga. When a universal, lovely little vignette of kids playing in snow gets this kind of response, it gives me some hope for humanity, she said in a telephone interview. ( As reported in the news.