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Canadian Interest: Reason and Campaign Trail

canadian interest: That would be reason enough for Canadians to pay close heed to what happens on Tuesday, November 6, according to Rabble. And yet, that is not the main reason for the high level of Canadian interest. While there have been tensions aplenty between Canada and the U.S. in the past, no U.S. president prior to the current one ever expressed such open hostility toward Canada. The main reason is best summed up in a disillusioned comment by former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw on Meet the Press on Sunday. And yet, one week later, hardly anyone on the campaign trail evokes those horrific incidents. Brokaw noted that a man openly shouted death to the Jews as he murdered 11 worshippers in a Pittsburgh synagogue just as authorities were charging an avowed Donald Trump admirer for sending pipe bombs to a number of Trump's most prominent critics. ( As reported in the news.