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Buddhist Vigilantes: Officials Force and Refugee Camps

buddhist vigilantes: He said officials can't force them to go but will continue to try to motivate them so it happens, according to CTV. Some people on the government's repatriation list disappeared into the sprawling refugee camps to avoid being sent home, while others joined a large demonstration against the plan. The refugees are not willing to go back now, Refugee Commissioner Abul Kalam told The Associated Press. More than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh from western Myanmar's Rakhine state to escape killings and destruction of their villages by the military and Buddhist vigilantes that have drawn widespread condemnation of Myanmar. Firas Al-Khateeb, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Cox's Bazar, said it was unclear when the process might begin again. The United Nations, whose human rights officials had urged Bangladesh to halt the repatriation process even as its refugee agency workers helped to facilitate it, welcomed Thursday's development. ( As reported in the news.