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Birther: Birther Campaign and Barack Obama

birther: She also reflects on early struggles in her marriage to Barack Obama as he began his political career and was often away, according to Vancouver Courier. She writes that they met with a counsellor a handful of times, and she came to realize that she was more in charge of her happiness than she had realized. She also denounces Trump's birther campaign questioning her husband's citizenship, calling it bigoted and dangerous, deliberately meant to stir up the wingnuts and kooks. article continues below Trending Stories On This Spot Step into Vancouver's history with this free walking tour app Gangs of Vancouver Where to mark Remembrance Day in Vancouver How to become a Trans Link busker in Vancouver In her memoir Becoming, set to come out Tuesday, Obama writes openly about everything from growing up in Chicago to confronting racism in public life to her amazement at becoming the country's first black first lady. This was my pivot point, Obama explains. Obama writes that she assumed Trump was grandstanding when he announced his presidential run in 2015. My moment of self-arrest. ( As reported in the news.