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World Countries: Person and Ctv Vancouver

world countries: The worksheet describes 10 people and asks students to label them as having left-wing, right-wing or centre political beliefs, according to CTV. Read more on this story from CTV Vancouver According to DeFouw, descriptions like a person who believes that Canada should send aid to Third World Countries and a person who believes that the school strap should be abolished were meant to be answered as left-wing, while a person who believes that the Canadian military should acquire more sophisticated weaponry and a person who believes that women should stay home and be mothers were considered right-wing. Matt DeFouw posted a photo to Facebook showing a worksheet given to students at Valleyview Secondary School in Kamloops, B.C and what he says are the teacher's answers to the questions. None of the 10 questions were given centre-leaning answers. DeFouw said the teacher was looking for that example to be considered right-wing. The description that has drawn the most attention, though, is a person who is a racist. ( As reported in the news.