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Voting Station: Woman Heads and System Dependant

voting station: The same is true in other countries, most obviously the U.S. and the U.K., places where democracy has been suppressed beyond recognition, according to Toronto Star. The people, in whose names these nations are governed, have never mattered less. But how would we know As practised in Toronto, Ontario and Canada, the democratic process is so primitive, unevolved and compromised it's barely recognizable. Perhaps it's no surprise in times of growing tribalism that a political system dependant on the goodwill of all involved elected and electors alike should have unravelled to such an extent. A woman heads toward a voting station at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in 2014, a year when 37 of 38 incumbents were re-elected. Its failures can be seen at every turn; money and media, private interference and public indifference distort the exercise of democracy beyond the point where it can be taken seriously. ( As reported in the news.