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Train Wreck: Doug Ford

train wreck: Even the local affiliate of the country's public broadcaster, CBC television, took a pass announcing it would not be covering the results, opting to air former PM Stephen Harper's fave program Murdoch Mysteries instead, according to NOW Magazine. Doug Ford With Tory at the helm, it's like that Stones song for Ford, Under my thumb... . A tweet from CBC's 22 Minutes summed up the geist nicely when the results were announced Breaking Doug Ford somehow still furious he's not going to be elected mayor of Toronto. The writing was on the wall on this one before it got started. The train wreck is just getting started. Jennifer Keesmaat The numbers say Keesmaat was soundly defeated, as she captured only 23 per cent of the vote. With Ford's power play to take over Toronto's subway system looming, the Amalgamated Transit Union representing TTC workers was quick to issue a statement soon after the results were announced renewing its call to keep transit public. ( As reported in the news.